Full threat visibility into every single packet

Whip alerts into shape and make them work for you. Now you can correlate ALL of your threat intel with full packet inspection. Pass enriched alert data to your SIEM through Perch’s managed Elasticsearch/ Suricata-based platform.

Perchybana: an analyst’s platform

Access Perchybana to view network traffic analytics. View indicator details, investigate alerts, hunt threats and triage alerts.

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Reduce noise and false positives

Use our SOC as first-tier triage before your analysts take the reins; or rely on available 24/7 coverage by our certified, experienced, threat analysts.

Easily integrate with your SIEM

Use Perch's API to push enriched alerts into your SIEM, or use Perch's next-generation SIEM.

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Get early warning on trending threats

View and interact with intel and alerts from all sources in a single pane. Perch automatically shares intel back to your sharing community, strengthening everyone’s defense.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Ensure potential acquisitions are clear of threats — install Perch to monitor logs and network traffic.

  • View acquisitions and subsidiaries in a single panel
  • Drill-down to view details
  • Review alerts to find existing compromises as well as major security gaps to address before your acquisition is complete

Ready to transform your intel?