Aharon Chernin

Chief Executive Officer

Since before he brain-parented Soltra, Aharon has been a revolutionary. With a background in critical information technology and an entrepreneurial spirit, Aharon saw an opportunity for information security to evolve into automation. He promoted the idea of industry standards, unifying sectors and industry leadership behind the adoption of STIX and TAXII. Perch hatched from his vision of helping companies of any size to leverage and share cyber threat intelligence. Aharon is a Board Member for the Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL), and maintains close working ties to DHS, US-CERT, and the Mitre Corporation in the development of STIX and TAXII, and other security standards. He served as co-chair of the OASIS STIX standard technical committee and chair of the FS-ISAC Security Automation Working Group (SAWG).­­

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Chris Fauerbach

Vice President, Engineering

Chris is an experienced technical executive in the cybersecurity product space. As VP of Engineering at Perch Security, he’s leading the engineering efforts to build the first community sharing platform for cyber intelligence ­and actual network sightings. He's architecting a massively scalable, cloud based data processing engine to ensure his customers know what's happening and can protect their network. Chris was previously VP Software Development at nPulse Technology, the premiere packet capture and network forensics platform built for high speed networks, where he designed and built the Pivot2PCAP API platform used for integrating with other network security vendors.

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Canute Bigler

Vice President, Development

Canute Bigler is a seasoned, pragmatic software architect and team leader, with an extensive background working with business stakeholders and users to deliver real world solutions in the finance, IoT, and personal digital security sectors. With a finely-honed instinct and keen foresight, Canute leads our Perch product development team to bring all the technical Perchy goodness to life!

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