Perch Security Operations Center

Relax - we’re on the job

Analyst hours not required

Perch Security Operations Center (SOC), included with your service, means threat analysts are working for you as soon as your sensor is installed.

The Perch SOC Works around the clock to:

  • check Triage every alert
  • check Escalate real threats when detected
  • check Support you through the response process
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It's YOUR data, too.

Perchybana is an analytics tool to search, view, and interact with data stores for all traffic from the IDS and data from your system logs. Perchybana's features boost analysts' speed and efficiency in their analysis of the network traffic. Since it's the same tool our own SOC uses, you get the same view of your threat data that our SOC does.

You can ignore Perchybana, or use it as much or as little as you prefer. We like transparency and collaboration here.

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