Case Studies

5 Hurdles to Threat Intelligence: How one Regional Bank Cleared Them All

Implement and maintain a true threat intelligence program: for years, it was only something that the largest of banks could do. Development costs, complexity and staffing requirements were only a few of the problems organizations face when traveling the road of building a threat intelligence program for their financial institution.This case study outlines those hurdles and their solution as experienced by Michael Cole, Chief Information Security Officer at First Financial Bank.

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Medical equipment provider protects patient information with Perch and NH-ISAC’s curated threat intel

While is a smaller heath care organization under 200 employees, it maintains and protects a large volume of patient information. They share the same requirements and expectations that larger organizations face to stay ahead of the threats emerging in the healthcare vertical – which is a daunting task. For, meeting this challenge meant going beyond the typical security controls like antivirus and firewalls.

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Sole Practitioner meets compliance regulations affordably and conveniently

For most small healthcare practices, cybersecurity concerns are a complex and insurmountable problem. Modern cyber threats are quickly changing, complex and difficult to prevent. This problem is compounded by the reality that most small healthcare practices simply don’t have the budget necessary to adequately defend their network. Lisa Steinbrueck is no stranger to this dilemma. As the Privacy Compliance Officer for Steinbrueck Chiropractic Health Center in Palmyra, Missouri, she has experienced these challenges firsthand.

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