Co-managed threat detection and response you can afford to deploy... anywhere.

Where do you want to take your cyber security?

I want...

  • Full network visibility.

    Perch passively collects your network data and provides access to netflow and other protocol meta data.

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  • To offer my clients network security without changing my security stack.

    Perch integrates right into your existing security stack. Perch sensors are installed with no down time.

  • Network security without hiring more staff.

    We triage alerts and notify you when malicious activity is identified. You can track SOC progress through the Community Defense App, anytime. If you prefer to do the nitty gritty, our SOC works alongside your team.

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  • Automate the threat intelligence emails that my ISAC sends.

    Perch automates your threat intelligence (ISAC or other). You can see your network alerts in the Perch Web app, drill down for detail; while our SOC does the analysis for you.

  • To correlate log data.

    Perch is a multi-tenant platform which allows you to correlate network and log data through a single pane of glass, seamlessly.

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  • Have access to my Office 365 logs so I can defend my company against business email compromise (BEC) and account takeovers.

    Perch consumes Office 365 logs so you can see threats beyond your network traffic. Build your own alerts and investigate the impact through Perchybana.

  • To have security expertise available 24/7.

    Perch SOC offers tier-1 support and manages your alerts 24/7 providing you with security expertise so you can focus on your core business.

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  • To detect threats in my network.

    Perch provides you with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to detect threats. Even those that have bypassed other preventative defenses.

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  • To use one product that covers all my threat detection and response needs.

    Perch provides an all-in-one product. Complete with TIP, IDS, Log storage with configurable retention, and managed Security Operations Center (SOC). Add these capabilities right into your existing security program.

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  • A threat detection product that’s easy to implement.

    Perch sensors can be installed over your lunch break with no down time. Our Customer Success team personally walks you through the process to answer any questions or problems that may arise.

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  • Quality alert information and SLAs.

    Perch’s managed SOC provides tier-1 support and manages your alerts for you. Only real alerts get escalated and the Perch SOC helps you through the response process. We have multiple SLAs to fit your needs.

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  • Use threat intelligence without buying a TIP.

    Perch connects you directly to your threat intelligence, without the need for a full-scale TIP.

  • To build and manage intel on a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP).

    Perch allows you to create and manage indicators. You can track performance of the indicators you set up to see how they are performing in a community environment.

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